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[Final Edition of IOFT 2009] See you in IOFT NEWS 2010!

Dear IOFT NEWS Readers,

Thank you very much for subscribing IOFT NEWS!
IOFT NEWS started in March 2009, and we released 56 editions.
We are proudly announcing this is the final edition of 2009.

Many exhibitors and visitors helped and cooperated for interviews and photo shootings, and numbers of readers subscribed IOFT NEWS.
We truly appreciate your support. Thank you all!

Although IOFT NEWS 2009 edition ends today, we’ll be back with ‘IOFT NEWS 2010 edition’ in the beginning of year 2010!!


We’ll try to deliver you better and more interesting comments and contents in 2010 edition.
Stay with us!

Again, thank you so much for subscribing and supporting IOFT NEWS 2009.

We wish you a happy holiday, and are looking forward to meeting you in 2010!

With Love & Many Thanks,
IOFT Show Management

Written by: Chiharu Nishiura, International PR, IOFT Show Management
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Behind the Scenes of IOFT 2009 [Listening the Voices from EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR Award Winners vol.2]

Following the last edition, we will update the winners’ interviews and photos from Sunglasses & Sports Glasses, Luxury & High-classes, and Functions & Technologies Category!

[Voices from the winners of Sunglasses & Sports Glasses Category]

At first, we headed to French Pavilion to get Grand Prix winnerMINIMA’s’ interview!
[Grand Prix winning model MINIMA VISIONAIR The stylish form can fit into specially designed thin optical case]
3062_side.jpg 3062_case.jpg

As we were walking on aisle in French Pavilion...there we go!
[Chic designed MINIMA booth. The award panel was displayed in the center of their booth.]

We interviewed President, Mr. Maurice Timon [Left] and Consultant Mr. Gilbert Chamby [Right], who were charmingly rejoiced on the award stage.
Mr. Chamby said,
“The name Minima comes from Latin “minime,” which means the minimum: here it means the minimum in eyewear. This has been the brand concept since when the brand started 15 years ago with frames that are the simplest, the lightest, the most practical today on the market. I believe our concept was highly recognized by winning Grand Prix! So, we are very happy to receive the award.”

A characteristic of the winning model is one large panoramic lens on the front part! Since one lens covers both eyes, it comfortably and widely protects your eyes, and of course, it is light in weight. It is certainly the minimum in eyewear, and has stylish appearance.

Congratulations on winning Grand Prix, MINIMA!!

On the next, we will introduce ‘EYEMAZINE JAPAN.’ We asked questions to Ms. Tamami Nishihara, the president of the company.

Ms. Nishihara:
“This has been our third time winning EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR! I am very glad that our products have been recognized. I still clearly remember when we won EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR at the first time because we were surprised the positive effect brought by the award. And, we applied again in this year, and won it again! I truly appreciate it. After the ceremony, we’ve been getting great responses, and have been getting plenty of orders. I feel how big the impact and influence this award brings to winners.”

[They did Great winning presentation in their booth, and were grabbing great attentions from buyers]

When we approached to the booth, there was an original and customized award panel other than the one Show Management gave! I would like retailers to display that, too.

The winning model is just light, and the weight is only 10g! Moreover, the lenses will block 99% of ultra layer. Since the color of lenses is also light, it is useful that you can wear it daily.

Ms. Nishihara was really rejoiced. I hope many users to enjoy their sunglasses.

Finally, we headed to ‘BOSTON CLUB,’ which won the award with GLOSS-EYES / GREENJACKET. A famous Japanese professional golfer Mr. Shingo Katayama has been using this particular model regularly.

[In their booth, they displayed a poster of Mr. Katayama with the model]

We interviewed Mr. Hiroyuki Kasashima from GLOSS-EYES div.
This one was developed specially for golf, and the characteristic is...
“It completely blocks off the lights coming through the gaps between lenses and face during the swing.”
Definitely...they will bother me when I concentrate on the swing.
These great and high functional lenses are designed to block diffused reflections, and help golfer’s comfortable play.

Mr. Kasashima:
“TALEX developed these lenses exclusively for this model. We tried various ways to reduce the stress during playing golf. The temples also have special features. Usual temples are hooked on ears, but these temples’ edges have waving curves, and they function as stopper so that they steadily stay on ears with less stress. We started selling the model in September 2009, and have already been getting good responses. I hope the golf lovers, who hang up with personal belongings/items, to enjoy this frame!”

Congratulations on winning EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR!

[Voices from the winners of Luxury & High-classes Category]

At first, we headed Grand Prix winnerIC!BERLIN BRILLEN GMBH.’
Needless to say, their uniquely designed booth has been already a specialty in IOFT. The general manager Mr. Ralf Andal, who has outstanding presence, warmly welcomed us.
[Mr. Andal is Kissing on the trophy. Cool!]

We asked Mr. Andal the impression of winning EOY.

Mr. Andal:
“I am very happy to win this award. First time we won EOY was about 11 years ago. Since then, our eyewear has been thankfully loved by many Japanese consumers. We got so excited to receive EOY grand prix since we have just decided to focus more on Japanese market to make our brand stable. It was just right and perfect timing! Thank you very much!”

[Look at the crowd in/around the booth which award panel out stands. There again, Mr. Andal charmingly appears in the shot. LOL!]

Only 49 pairs of winning model ‘onono/richard’ will be released in the world. It is luxurious and high-class frame with a buffalo horn.
That is Germany’s representative brand ‘IC!BERLIN!’
Mr. Andal’s happy smile was very impressive. Congratulations!

Following IC!BERLIN, we visited 'L.A.EYEWORKS.'
[Very cute pink wall booth and lovely display!]
IMG_3197.jpg IMG_3200.jpg

The owner Ms. Margo Willits kindly answered our interview with a joy.

Ms. Willits strongly and brightly said:
“We've been exhibiting in IOFT since 1988. IOFT is one of the emotionally attached exhibitions to us.
So, I am so happy to receive the award. Now, we are all facing difficult economic situation. However, we should not stop going forward. Our designers will design better frames. I will introduce to as many retailers as possible. I mean... all industry professionals should take hands together, and should do what we need to do together.”
[Ms. Willits with a happy face]

This model uses tempting flash mirrored tint for the lenses, and shines mysteriously.
Don’t you think it’ll be cool to wear this stylishly and rakishly?

Finally, we visited ‘KUJO CO., LTD.,’ which exhibited in ‘LUXURY ZONE,’ and won with turtle shell frame ‘KUJO/XD67.’

[What an impact! We found the winning model inside the special glass made display cabinet]

We interviewed the president Mr. Masaaki Hisatsune.

Mr. Hisatsune:
“The winning model represents a great combination of a traditional technique and the latest authenticity. The form was designed based on brow line style, which you have often seen in metal frames, and made it to fit the good part of turtle shell naturally onto your face. I am sure that winning this award is an effective PR tool for those who haven’t heard turtle shell frames before. This kind of award brightens up companies handling turtle shells and craftsmen having terrific techniques. EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR definitely brings a great effect!”

Actually, many buyers who checked the model at the exhibit gallery visited their booth to curiously see more turtle shell frames.
It is one of the real thrills of winning award that good old traditions get attention once again.
This winning model costs JPY700,000 (approximately USD7,800.00)!! It is very luxurious and high-class frame.
The reliable material and quality allow wearers to use more than decades of time so that there are many fans wearing them regularly for a long time.
Using a special and favorite pair for a long time is also nice way to enjoy your eyewear life.
I am happy for you!

[Voices from the winners of Functions & Technologies Category]

The Grand Prix winner of this category was PRODESIGN DENMARK!

[We got good comments from the owner Mr. Lars Toftdahl!]

Mr. Toftdahl:
“I am very happy and was surprised!! After our grand prix was announced, sales of the winning model have been drastically increased. Many buyers visited our booth, and they eagerly asked us "where is the winning model?" LOL! The price of the model is quite expensive. So, I did not expect that we would get this many orders. I am very surprised, and appreciate the effect that EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR brought to us.”

As Mr. Toftdahl mentioned, their booth was crowded with buyers all day.
[Neatly displayed winning models in rich color variations.]

The temples of this streamline frame are attached to the 180 degrees turn hinge, and look very smart.
I found many visitors stopped by and were attracted at the sporty and superb coloring frames at a glance.
Yay for your Grand Prix!  

On the next, we visited ‘UMEDA INC.,’ which won EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR for the second consecutive year.

[Look! TV crews were there to report!]

The man responding to the report is the president Mr. Hidemi Umeda. I asked him comment on winning for the second consecutive year.

Mr. Umeda:
“I cannot believe that we could receive the award for the second year in a row! I am so happy! Especially in this year, many overseas buyers from Canada and Asian countries visited our booth.”

Metal temple can be stored into the plastic front.
This inspiration and totally new folding frame got great attentions from all over the world.
[Available in 4 colors formMax / FMF3001 Last year’s winning model was also displayed next to this year’s model]

Mr. Umeda does everything including its design.
I am looking forward to another try with surprising function again in next year!

At last, we visited 'BRIDGE CORP.,' which got the award with side-padded frame ‘NEOJIN/COMFORT.’
We entered their booth to hear the secret of side-padded frame...

[Crowded booth! Staffs from BRIDGE CORP. enthusiastically explaining about their products.]

We asked the secret to the president Mr. Masaru Miyashita welcoming us with a full smile!

Mr. Miyashita:
“This is the world's first frame and side-pads gently hold the frame around temple. So, you can get wider sight, and it excels in comfort with the front untouched to the face. I know many women avoid eyewear because of the pad mark and come-off of make up. But no more worries.”

Akiko, the Japanese PR from IOFT Show Management tried the frame. She was impressed with the new touch! It has completely no pressure on nose, and had very gentle touch and stress free frame!

Mr. Miyashita happily told us that they had TV report and got plenty of orders!

[There, they displayed original and customized award panel. You should check out the abundant variety of frames.]

Mr. Miyashita strongly stated:
“We will work on men’s or plastic frames. For the next year, we will apply EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR with upgraded version.”

Side-padded frame...it will definitely get great reputation. Hurray to you!

[Editor’s Note]
We introduced the winners’ happy voices, booth decorations and excitement via vol.1 & 2.
I could share the joy and excitement while I was listening to their stories that various dramas were born after EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR. By winning the award, new frame gets high attention, consumers’ interest in eyewear is raised, and the atmosphere brings strong power & will to exhibitors in order to produce new frame... It is very exciting that EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR affects such a great spiral.
For the next EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR, I bet many applicants will submit more superb frames. I’m already excited to imagine that.
Finally, I congratulate those who won EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR 2010 from bottom of my heart!

IOFT 2009 official website http://www.ioft.jp/en/
IOFT News in Japanese http://ioft2009.seesaa.net/

EOY 2010 official website http://www.ioft.jp/en/eoy/

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Written by: Chiharu Nishiura, International PR & Marketing, IOFT Show Management
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[Behind the Scenes of IOFT 2009] Listening Voices from EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR Award Winners vol.1

EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR 2010 Award Ceremony was sensationally held on the Day 1, October 27.
During the ceremony, ‘Grand Prix’ of each category was announced!
We reported the clips from the ceremony on the last edition. From today, we will report award winners’ happy interviews with the pictures of shining trophies and their booths.

We will cover the interviews from Men’s and Ladies’ Eyewear Categories on this edition, and Sunglasses & Sports Glasses, Luxury & High-classes, and Functions & Technologies Categories on the next edition.
Enjoy and read what they say!

[Voices from the winners of Men’s Eyewear Category]
At first, we visited Grand Prix winner, ‘KEI SUGIMOTO.’

[Grand Prix Winning Model KS-22]
1008_side.jpg 1008_front.jpg

When the MC announced “The Grand Prix Winner is KEI SUGIMOTO,” Mr. Yoshihiko Sugimoto froze with astonishment. When we visited their booth, there was crowded with buyers.

[Mr. Sugimoto is enthusiastically having meeting with the Grand Prix panel on his back.]

Mr. Sugimoto:
“Well, I was really amazed. However, I am proud that craftsmanship of Sabae received high recognition. Our persistent front part which is angular front surface and rounded inner surface, is well-reputed by customers. After the ceremony, we got extremely busy because a design magazine and TV crews etc. came for the report. Now, we’ll be even busier manufacturing the frames as we got plenty of orders during IOFT!”


Following KEI SUGIMOTO, we visited ‘TRIPLE Q’ which won the award with a model ‘QBRICK BTY 24.’
[They posted the panel on the wall!]

While many buyers were checking the winning frames, I interviewed the director Mr. Tatsufumi Tomihira!

Mr. Tomihira:
“This was our third time exhibiting IOFT, and the second entry on EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR. This BTY24 was our best push model even before we knew that we won the award. So, we are very happy to receive the award. 4 colors are available in this particular model.”

And he showed me other color variations.
[(From the top to bottom) shiny black (winning model), mat black, mat navy, and marble brown]

All color variations are so beautiful! From now on, they will advertise on magazines etc., and announce that they won EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR. I am excited to see ads and store POPs. Also, I am looking forward to seeing users stylishly wearing the model.

[Voices from the Winners of Ladies’ Eyewear Categories]
At first, we will introduce the interview of the Grand Prix winner ‘RICESTONE.’ Full of Sabae’s high technology is in the winning model ‘WITTYPAULY 03-03-105!
Mr. Seiji Kometani answered for our interview.

Mr. Kometani:
“I am so happy to win Grand Prix! Look at the temples. You can see high technology is embedded in these temples.”

[They set a special corner in their booth.]

I asked him what the remark is...

Mr. Kometani:
“The round shape patterns on temples is the remark. We didn’t attach or decorate patterns over temples, but we curved the patterns by melting plastic!”

I looked closely...do you get it?

What a detailed technique! They curved 3 color layered materials by melting plastic, and it succeeded to portray three dimensional rounded shape patterns with superb colorings. 6 colors are available for this model. It’ll be fun to try all 6 colors!

Mr. Kometani added, “This was our first time exhibiting in IOFT, and of course, this was our first time to try EOY. I cannot believe we won Grand Prix!”

Big hands for RICESTONE!! Congratulations!

On the next, we visited ‘ILLUSIONE OTTICA’ in Italian Pavilion.

[Their booth was beautifully displayed with frames and laces.]
CIMG3378.JPG IMG_3531.jpg

As the model name ‘KS236/VENEZIA’ shows, Venetian Lace is embedded in the frame.
Red and black lace was available other than the winning model in white lace. All variations are so lovely!

[Ms. Elizabetta De Rossi who answered our interview, wears winning model, and holds the trophy with a big smile]

Ms. Rossi:
“This was our first time to exhibit in IOFT to find distributor in Japan. I feel as if I was dreaming because this was our first time exhibiting and won EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR. Moreover, after the ceremony, NHK (Japan’s public broadcasting company) came for the report, and we found a good candidate of our distributor. Everything is going great guns now. I appreciate EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR. I am very happy about it. I can’t wait to see many Japanese people try our eyewear.”

We also can’t wait to see your frames in Japanese shops!

At last, we visited ‘FACES!’ They won EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR with AIM-015-4.

[This sunglass got very cute color which will be supported by young females. It is neatly displayed with the trophy!]

We interviewed to Mr. Kunio Ito. He was very happy about the news.

Mr. Ito:
“When we produce frames, we stick with materials and colorings. For this particular frame, we especially stuck with portraying aurora-like color!”

Although it has a big & masculine shape, it gives us feminine and lovely impression. I would say it is an effect of the faint color!

Also, Mr. Ito mentioned about the reason for winning.

Mr. Ito:
“I assume that the suitable design for any wearer and the great matching color to your skin was highly recognized.”
The model will be loved by many wearers. Congratulations!

[Editor’s Note]
Through the interview we did while they were still very excited, I felt their great joy and deep affection to each model! Those models are the top models among 431 entries.
After a while, you will see those models at stores. I hope they will be loved and supported by users.

On the next, we will feature voices from remaining 3 categories.
Check it out!

IOFT 2009 official website http://www.ioft.jp/en/
IOFT News in Japanese http://ioft2009.seesaa.net/

EOY 2010 official website http://www.ioft.jp/en/eoy/

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Written by: Chiharu Nishiura, International PR & Marketing, IOFT Show Management
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Behind the scene of IOFT 2009 – Oct. 25, 26 & 27(Day1) –

IOFT 2009 was successfully over at 17:00 on Thursday, October 29th!
Thank both exhibitors and visitors for kindly and enthusiastically supporting IOFT. Despite the difficult economic situation, buyers were thoroughly purchasing item and the show venue was filled with great excitement and enthusiasm. Also, exhibitors were trying to warm up not only IOFT but also whole industry!! We felt strong energy from eyewear industry!!


This time, I will cover ‘behind the scene of IOFT 2009!’ Preparation days, concurrent events, interview of exhibitors etc...you will see ‘rare’ side of IOFT.
At first, I will show you the venue and booth construction, and the concurrent events on Day1 (27th). Enjoy!

●Sunday, October 25...Prep Day 1
Early in the morning, Show Management staffs arrived at Tokyo Big Sight before exhibitors came. I’m always fascinated with the scene that huge vacant halls drastically turn to exhibition site! I believe even exhibitors have no chance to see the site without booths.

[IOFT BOUTIQUE area right after booth constructions started]

[Venue with just renewed IOFT banner. It looks much larger without booths, doesn’t it?]

In the afternoon, numbers of trucks came for booth and display constructions.

And next day....

●Monday, October 26 Prep Day 2
Overnight into the following morning, construction was almost over, and IOFT 2009 show venue was about to be ready!

[Stylish lounge produced by Woodloops. Did you visit there?]

And...this was also new lounge called “Media Cafe” right next to Woodloops lounge.

[A lounge area you can browse Japanese fashion and eyewear magazines which specially feature eyewear and/or IOFT2009]
CIMG3357.jpg CIMG3361.jpg

Exhibitors’ booths are almost ready!! IOFT opens tomorrow!! Wow...excited!!

CIMG3366.jpg CIMG3368.jpg CIMG3373.jpg 

We witnessed many exhibitors stay for preparation right up until the venue closed.
On the first day, there would be lots of events: ‘Opening Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony,’ ‘Best Dressed Eyes Award,’ ‘Eyewear of the Year (EOY),’ and ‘IOFT Reception Party.’ Needless to say, show management staffs were also busy with preparation, and finished prep day 2 with huge excitement and rush! Yes. We were extremely excited! LOL!

●Tuesday, October 26 IOFT2009 Opens!
Finally, IOFT 2009 opened! The show began with ‘Opening Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony.’

[Numerous visitors are watching opening ribbon cutting ceremony while they are waiting.]

The halls were crowded from the morning. Exhibitors and buyers from all over the world were having business meetings on site. The scene of ‘this is IOFT’ was already there!

3_IMG_1144.jpg 4_IMG_1530.jpg 8_MG_1910.jpg

In the afternoon, IOFT heated up more!!  
The next event was ‘EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR (EOY) 2010 Award Ceremony!’  

This ceremony got high attention since ‘Grand Prix’ winners from each category would be announced during the ceremony!
Finally, the ceremony started. 3 award winning products were commended, and grand prix was announced among those 3 products.
Look at the grand prix winners’ happy faces!!

[KEI SUGIMOTO (right), Men’s Eyewear Category & Award committee, editor in chief, Mr. Toga (Left)]

[RICE STONE (right), Ladies’ Eyewear Category & committee, stylist, Mr. Baba (left)]

[MINIMA (right), Sunglasses and Sports Glasses Category & committee, art director, Mr. Akiyama (left)]

[Ralf from ic!berlin gave a wonderful speech. (Grand Prix winner of Luxury and High-classes Category)]

[ProDesign Denmark (right), Functions and Technologies Category and committee, editor in chief, Mr. Kuwahara]

Grand Prix winners got chance to give short speeches. Their speeches were filled with surprise and sensation since they knew it on the stage!

There was a group photo session at the end of the ceremony. You can see many happy faces...and yes. Audiences there were also smiling.

IMG_0663.jpg _MG_2266.jpg

After EOY, we had “Japan Best Dressed Eyes Award” presentation!
Japanese celebrities including actors, actresses, prominent politicians and others were presented with Award celebrating their outstanding eyewear fashion sense. Since this year’s ‘HOT’ celebrities were awarded, record breaking?? numbers of audience came to see the stage.

This year “THAT” UNIQLO’s Mr. Tadashi Yanai, Chairman, President & CEO of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. was awarded. (UNIQLO is one of the top Japanese retail chain stores, and has shops even in USA, UK, Korea, Hong Kong etc...and it recently opened a shop in France. If you are familiar with fashion, you have probably heard this name.)

[Mr. Yanai giving a speech on the stage]

The last event of the first day was ‘IOFT Reception Party,’ which more than 700 industry professionals attended. There, many buyers and exhibitors interacted, and exchange a various information.


The first day was very busy with exciting events. With the good expectation and excitement on Day 2 & 3, the first day was finally over....

On the next, we will introduce the interviews of EOY 2010 Grand Prix Winners!!
We rushed through the venue on Day 3, and interviewed to EOY winners! Although it was the last day, and they were, of course, very busy, but they cordially cooperated to us. So, we’ll release it instantaneously!! Stay tuned!

IOFT official website : http://www.ioft.jp/en/
IOFT News in Japanese http://ioft2009.seesaa.net/

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Chiharu Nishiura, International PR & Marketing, IOFT Show Management

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